3 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Independent Sunglass Brands

March 24, 2020

Good taste in sunglasses is basically a prerequisite for living in LA. Endless sunny days ahead of us means it’s time to find your new favorite sunnies. Before grabbing a $10 pair that will quickly end up in a landfill, consider the following reasons why you should buy from independent sunglass brands. At Who Is Lights, we are driven by LA’s unique style. We see the people who seek more than flashy brands and fast fashion.

1. Support Local Brands

It’s becoming increasingly popular to shop local across all industries. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do when it comes to fashion. Grabbing cheap products at major retailers might be convenient, but the sacrifice could damage your local creative scene.

Independent sunglass brands rely on local support to power their business. Unlike big-box retailers that mass-produce generic styles, local brands are powered by individual creativity. They’re designed with quality and integrity. Who Is Lights is powered by locals for locals who are dedicated to LA’s enviable style scene. Buying from independent sunglass brands means supporting the community and putting money back into your local economy.

1. Opt For Sustainability Over Mass Production

Like shopping local, seeking out sustainable products is also becoming more mainstream. Consumers are realizing the damaging effects that their spending power has on workers and the environment.

Who Is Lights uses carefully selected sustainable materials. We know the negative impact that cheap products have on the environment. Big-box retailers are fuelled by mass production, with their products being made at the hands of underpaid workers in poor conditions. We at Who Is Lights are dedicated to providing our valued employees proper wages and a positive work environment.

Not only do we use eco-friendly materials, but we are also focused on sustainability throughout the entire process. From start to finish, our sunnies are produced free from excessive waste. Buying from independent sunglass brands is an environmentally conscious decision.

Ditch The Flashy Brand Names

Finding a pair of designer sunglasses in LA is as simple as finding a juice bar. At Who Is Lights, our approach is vastly different from our flashy logo fueled industry neighbors. If you value innovation over brand names, you should buy from independent sunglass brands.

Our sunglasses are designed for the people who don’t need a recognizable logo to feel cool. Unique products that stand out amongst the rest is what sets Who Is Lights apart in the sunglass industry. Large price tags on designer sunglasses unfortunately don’t relate to being high quality. When it comes to designer products, well-known logos are grounds for inflated prices. 

Who Is Lights is dedicated to providing LA’s innovative style icons with quality sunnies. Found in Los Angeles in 2020, our goal is to break new ground in the sunglass industry. If you take pride in supporting the LA design scene and sustainable fashion, you should buy from independent sunglass brands. Get ready for our product release in spring 2020 and find your signature style just in time for summer.

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