Classic Sunglasses Every Californian Should Own From Our California Sunglasses Company

July 31, 2020

Some things never go out of style. And that’s especially true in Los Angeles, where trends are born before winding their way across the globe. With nearly 300 days of sunshine a year, LA has come to be a hotspot for creating and cultivating some of the coolest sunglasses around.

Our California sunglasses company is part of that tradition, honoring those trailblazers who gave us unique styles while at the same time pushing the boundaries these same designers created. We couldn’t push ourselves without others who challenged the limitations placed on the sunglass scene at the time.

But while we’re out here creating a new generation of sunglass styles, we want to highlight the looks that have stood the test of time, and are just as cool today as they were years ago.

These Sunglasses Never Went Out of Style


Wayfarers may just be the epitome of cool. Rebels, fashionistas, rock stars—you name ‘em—have each at some point been seen wearing these iconic shades. It’s hard not to look cool as can be in wayfarers, no matter your face shape. While some sunglasses are hard to pull off, wayfarers are one of the broadest styles of sunglasses around, which is one of the reasons (besides looking effortless cool) people of all subcultures and the mainstream alike gravitate towards these sunglasses.


Aviators may be just as popular as wayfarers, but they definitely give off a different vibe. And what that vibe is can change from person to person. But think about this: have you ever seen someone wearing aviators and not look like a total boss? Made for the military in World War II, these shades have soared well beyond their intended demographic and can be seen on the faces of everyone from celebrities to rock stars to partiers on pedal pubs. Aviators are sunglasses that ooze attitude and exude confidence with a mix of mystery and style.

Rectangular Frames

Another one of the cooler styles of sunglasses, rectangular shades aren’t too far of a departure from the king of cool wayfarers. Though they popped up in the ‘60s, it wasn’t until the ‘80s that people and Hollywood started making this style more noticeable. When the ‘90s arrived, the traditionally square-ish frames became more elongated and a bit more narrow. The next time you watch a music video from the ‘80s or ‘90s, you’re bound to see these shades on either a band member or someone in the crowd.

Rounded Sunglasses

If we’re talking strictly about history, round lenses are the originals. One of the longest-running styles available, round lenses had their heyday with the hippies in the ‘60s but have since managed to maintain their counterculture vibe and place in subcultures and, to a degree, the more mainstream. Think about the pics and posters you’ve seen of John Lennon. Most often, he’s wearing round lenses. These lenses range can be slim or wide, and can be found in some truly cool colors, making them a great option for most face shapes.

Look Effortlessly Cool with Our California Sunglasses Company

Whether you’re looking for a truly classic look or one that still manages to push the boundaries, you have several choices when you turn to Lights for your sunglasses needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about us.

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