Fitness with Who Is Lights—One of the Newest and Coolest Los Angeles Lifestyle Influencers

February 6, 2020

Looking out at the shimmering Pacific from the trail that leads to the Hollywood sign is just one of the unique fitness experiences Los Angeles has to offer. 

We’re a city of fitness—of people working to become the next “It” guy or girl, people walking to work every day, seven days a week and surfers and skaters tearing it up on the boardwalks and shorelines, we never stop moving. At Who Is Lights Sunglasses, we know protecting your vision and the integrity of your style go hand in hand.

Work Out or Play Around in Style

Los Angeles is a playground for people who want to stay fit and want variety in their exercise. There is literally nothing you can’t do, even snow is only a few hours away at Big Bear and the San Gabriels. 

There is one constant, however—a high UV index. Los Angeles gets almost 300 sunny days a year and we have the glistening Pacific to make the warm sunshine a little more intense. You need sunglasses every day of the year in LA, but come on, you can’t just throw on any pair.

Who Is Lights makes sure your style doesn’t suffer when you work out, go out or goof around. We craft each pair of sunglasses to tell a different story. Those stories are what can motivate you to the finish line, whatever that may be. They let you soak in the city and its people as you run, bike, skip or skate by. If you want to see the world through the lenses that were built with the heart of Los Angeles in mind, Who Is Lights will give you just that.

We have glasses to make you look like the chicest hiker, the serious runner, the sickest skater or the awe-inspiring biker. All Los Angeles lifestyle influencers know it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you look good doing it. Sound a little superficial? Ask any superstar that has walked these streets how important it is to “look the part”. You know when someone just has that LA “thing”? Yeah, we have it too, and you can buy a few pairs.

We Make the Trends

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Who Is Lights focuses on capturing the grit and glamour of the city of angels so everyone can experience it, even if you live across the country or on the other side of the world. If you check out any of the Los Angeles lifestyle influencers, you’ll see them in sunglasses that scream LA. They wear smooth, creamy glasses at the beach in golds and coppers, edgy and funky ones on Melrose in primary colors and blocky designs and blackout shades for Sunday brunch. Each pair says something different, but if you’re from LA, you know exactly what language they’re speaking.

At Who Is Lights, we have sunglasses to match the mood of the Bradbury building on a rainy LA Tuesday, Sunset and Vine on a good night after a tough day or the classic, laid back vibe of a picnic before a show at the Hollywood Bowl. There isn’t a corner of this city we don’t know and we put every inch of it into our glasses. Simply put, we make the coolest sunglasses in Los Angeles.

We’ve Got You and Your Workout Covered

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Look good on your way to the gym, on the courts or wherever you go to get your heart rate up, just make sure you throw on a pair of our glasses before heading out the door. When you wear glasses from Who Is Lights you get to tell everyone you pass a little about yourself without ever saying a word. And that is so LA. 

Get your pairs online or contact us with questions, comments or to share a pic of you in our glasses!