What Color Lens is Best for Boutique Sunglasses in Los Angeles?

August 5, 2020

Have you ever seen someone wearing a chic pair of sunglasses with a lens color that seemed a little different? Or maybe it looked extra cool. What we’re getting at is that lens colors run a range of options, from dark and mysterious to polarized to virtually clear.

Because of the many sunny days in the city, Boutique sunglasses in Los Angeles often come with UV protection to keep your eyes healthy while looking your best. These lenses come in a variety of colors so no matter your look, you can find the right color lenses for your style and eye health.

But before you drop some cash on new sunglasses just for the look alone, make sure you know what you’re looking for when it comes to lens color.

Find the Color Lens Right for You

Not every color delivers the same look, experience, and eye protection. But for most people, dark colors are the first choice. We get that “dark” is pretty broad, so let’s break it down. Most often, dark lenses are black, blue, green, brown, or gray. While some are more common than others, you’ve probably seen or owned a pair of sunglasses with one of these colors.

The darker end of these tints tends to drastically reduce the glare you experience on super sunny days in Los Angeles. They also help reduce eye strain, which can prevent headaches, eye fatigue, and generally offer a more pleasant time outdoors.

These colors can and often do distort colors, so if that’s not what you’re after, consider gray or green lenses. These colors most often don’t distort colors, and can offer a better experience for those among us just trying to block the sun. But remember that if you go with brown lenses, you may experience some minor distortion as well.

Dark colors aren’t the only tints in the boutique sunglasses scene in Los Angeles. We know you’ve seen some people rocking aviators with those rose-colored lenses. Lighter colors like rose, amber, gold, and yellow are a solid choice if you’re looking to block some low or moderate light levels. These colors may not be the best choice for beach days, but if you’re headed into the mountains, walking around the city, or sipping a latte on a patio, these colors are our top pick.

Besides looking chic, they keep your depth perception working well, boost contrasts when flat light is an issue, and generally make your environment appear brighter. There’s some truth to the idea of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

But no matter the color lenses you choose, keep in mind that some lenses offer reduced levels of Visible Light Transmission (VLT) to keep your eyes safe. VLT varies depending on the sunglasses, and range between 0% for the highest levels of VLT reduction and 100% for essentially clear lenses.

Find the Right Color for You at Our Boutique Sunglasses Company in Los Angeles

Just as important as picking the style of sunglasses is choosing the color that works best for you, but we know it can be a little confusing to nail down the perfect tint. Need more info on how to choose a lens color? We’ve got you.

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