Who is Lights’ Sunglasses Care Guide for the Best Sunglasses in Los Angeles

July 29, 2020

When you drop hard-earned money on the best sunglasses in Los Angeles, you want to make sure they last—and look their best while you have them. But with so many of us on the go—on planes, trains, scooters, at the beach, in the mountains—our sunglasses are bound to catch some wear and tear.

But if you take care of your shades, you can avoid many of the common scuffs, scratches, and dings that come with the active Los Angeles lifestyle. With a little TLC and keeping a few tips in mind, you can keep your sunglasses looking as good as new for years to come. Besides, when you find a pair of shades that work for you, replacing them is not only more money out of your pocket, but stories and memories lost.

Here’s how to keep your sunglasses looking fresh and intact to keep up with you and your active lifestyle.

How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses

Tip 1: Rinse ‘em off regularly

This one should be as routine as washing your hands. In fact, if you’re out and about and you wash your hands, take a minute to give your sunglasses a good scrub and rinse. Basic rinsing helps keep specks of dirt from clinging to your lenses, which can cause damage. Even tiny bits of dust can collect relatively quickly and, before you know it, you’ve got less-than-perfect lenses.

And not every rinse needs to be with soap or sprays. Regularly running them under warm water can be all it takes if you keep up the routine. But whatever you do, don’t use any harsh cleaners with ammonia or bleach. These can cause your lenses’ coating to degrade. In that case, no matter how cool your sunglasses look, they won’t do you much good if the lenses are shot.

Tip 2: Drip dry

If you’re on the go, you may be tempted to rub your sunglasses on your shirt, a cloth in your backpack, or a napkin you found buried in your jacket pocket. You want to pass on those, especially that suspect napkin. Clothing, napkins, and tissues are each going to leave some residue on your sunglasses, and that kind of defeats the purpose of rinsing them off in the first place, right?

Letting your shades air dry is the best method, since it doesn’t require any physical application to your lenses, which means you avoid putting any more dust or residue on them. But if you’re in a rush or out and about, microfiber cloths are the way to go. Microfiber cloths can help you speed dry your sunglasses without damaging your lenses or putting dust right back on them.

Tip 3: Keep them safe

This one may sound like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people just toss their sunglasses into their backpacks and purses without a second thought. If you’re worried about your phone getting dinged up in your bag, just think about your sunglasses’ odds of making it from A to B to C and back to A without catching some dings.

You can keep your sunglasses from getting messed up by simply carrying a sturdy case. And it doesn’t have to be a big, bulky case that’s hard to fit in snug spaces. There are plenty of firm pouches available that not only help keep your lenses looking good and kept clean, but look just as nice as your shades. Whether you’re just walking to the park or catching the train downtown, cases keep your lenses in the best shape.

Look Your Best with Lights

Summer may be in a full swing, but you know Los Angeles’ sunny days are nearly endless. Give your eyes the protection they need while looking your best. Hit us up for more on the best sunglasses in Los Angeles and all things Lights.

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